What You Need

Viva Max will help you to understand what you need to make your perfect wedding.

  • Experience-Based Advice – Though every wedding is a unique and personal experience, there are themes and situations that are consistent throughout. Viva Max has a professional and experienced perspective that can help you to make the tough decisions regarding what is best for you and your wedding. Confer with a seasoned wedding planner to resolve how to best meet your needs.

  • A Calm Smile – Sometimes you just need a friendly reminder that this day is simply about your love for each other. It is a celebration that invites your friends and family to support and toast to your commitment to one another. That’s it, you can leave all of the other elements of the day to Viva Max, she’s got it covered!

  • A Master of Services – By working closely, and communicating clearly with you, your family, the venue, your caterer, the musicians, the photographer, videographer, etc, Viva Max will make certain that everyone involved is aware of their role, timing and responsibilities along every step of the way. Her detailed schedules and plans will facilitate smooth execution and keep all of the elements of your wedding on time and according to plan.